When ?

I’m wrong if I say I wanna be better, I’m wrong if I say I wanna stay the same, I’m wrong if I wanna leave, I’m wrong if I wanna stay. I’m wrong when I think I’ve done enough, I’m wrong when I think I’ve done too little. If my life is actually mine when do I actually get a say in it ? When do I actually get to do the things I wanna do without having to report to someone or ask for someone’s permission ? I just wanna know when.

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Got any funny stories?


senior year of highschool i only had white friends (i was the only black kid in most of my classes and i just wanted to fit in)

as you can imagine not a day went by without one of them casually saying something lowkey racist or ignorant…which, at the time, i would just brush off

well one of them was super popular (cheerleader, pageant queen, etc) and was constantly sought after…did i mention she was a complete, fucking cunt…

anyways, one night at a football game they all were gawking over the quarterback and how fine he was…well she made it loud and clear that SHE wanted him and that he was off limits…she went down the line explaining to each of us why we could not have him..and in the process she stops at me and says “well…i’m not worried about you to be honest…you’re black…”

fast forward..they end up dating and become the IT couple…

long story short: I fucked the shit out of him and he never dated another white girl for the rest of his boring life…

moral: stay in your lane, becky.

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where is their oscar

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game changers.

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i gave my grandma two dollars to get me “an arizona tea and a Reese’s cup” and she brought me this and gave me my money back

this perfectly describes grandmas 

My grandma would have given me a five and thrown in a new pair of shoes too.

im sorry i wasnt aware that this was the goddamn grandma olympics

Grandma Olympics 😂😂😂😂

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